Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Really Work?

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Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers work or Not?

When you’re trying to get rid of those annoying pests, many claim that ultrasonic pest repellers will do the trick. Ultrasonic pest repellents are one of the most recent developments in rodent repellents. They work by sending out ultrasonic waves through the air. It is believed that the electromagnetic technology sends mice running in another direction, so you never have to deal with them again. The theory behind this device sounds logical, but do ultrasonic pest repellents really work? That is what we’re going to take a look at today …

How Do They Work?

When you get one of the high-frequency rodent repellers, plug it into an electric socket in the area where you believe mice are an issue. The device works by generating ultrasonic waves that spread out into the area. When a mouse fees these waves, the leave the area as soon as possible.

Sounds pretty cool, right? So, do they really work? Do mice really run away from it?

Back in 2001, the Federal Trade Commission issued warnings to companies that were manufacturing ultrasonic control devices. They demanded that their claims of effectiveness would need to be backed up by scientific research. Due to this, the package claims that you see on the ultrasonic devices are more believable than they used to be. In fact, some of them even have links to their website where they explain the research methods and results that went into the electronic mouse repellers.

Really, whether the ultrasonic device works or not all has to do with the product you choose – the studies have mixed results as some work and some will not.  None of the products claim to be 100% effective and that is perfectly understandable.

If you plan on adding an ultrasonic pest control device to your pest-control methods, then you should keep the following in mind:

Realistic Expectations – Yes, there’s been a large amount of research conducted on these pest control devices, and some of them show a percentage of decrease. This means there’s not a total elimination of mice.

Keep Trapping – When you combine one of these devices with your trapping methods, the results will be amazing. To put a long story short, the waves coming from the device will cause the mice to run away and as they run, they’ll run straight into your traps.

Might only be Temporary – Some pests could be accustomed to the sound that comes from the ultrasonic devices over time. For this reason, the results may only be temporary.

The Location of the Device – The sound waves that come from these devices are fairly weak, which means they have a short range. Also, you have to consider the fact that they can easily be blocked by walls, furniture, and corners. Before you set the device, you should test the location. You can do this by placing a lamp next to the device. Turn off the other lights in the room and take note of the shadows and beams from the lamp.

Do Ultrasonic Pest Repellers Really Work?

Looking through the ultrasonic mouse repeller reviews, we find that many of them do help solve mouse and other rodent issues for both homes and offices. Many consumers have found ultrasonic mouse repellers to be effective, which is good news.

The idea behind these devices came from the Chinese thousands of years ago. Back then, the devices were manually operated – they emitted sounds that would chase pests and bugs away from their farms.

They use sounds of more than 20,000 Hz. To your ears, this frequency of sound is almost undetectable. The sound is thought to cause a variety of symptoms in pests, such as convulsions, confusions, and sometimes, even death.  Due to this form of distress, the pests are supposed to flee the area and go to an environment that is friendlier.

What Type of Pests Do Ultrasonic Devices Eliminate?

While doing research, we found that these repellents work on a variety of common pests. In all actuality, the pest it tackles will all depend on the type of device you are using. Some of them repel mice, rats, cockroaches, spiders, and ant, while others work at repelling fleas, bats, squirrels, and so on.

Are These Devices Safe?

Most of the ultrasonic mouse repellers are safe to use in your household. Pets, such as cats and dogs aren’t affects by the sounds that are emitted. However, the sound can cause stress to domesticated rodents, such as hamsters and rabbits. Before you use any of them, it is important that you read the manufacturer’s warning label.

How Much Do They Cost?

The price for the device varies, depending on what you’re buying and who you’re buying it from. Typically, they can cost anywhere from ten dollars to one hundred dollars. Usually, the ones that can repel multiple types of pests will cost more.

During our research, we discovered that the corded units are more expensive than the traditional plugin mouse repeller. For around ten dollars, you can get a plugin pest control repeller. There are some manufacturers that are selling these devices in a bulk of 4 or 5. Mind you, as we previously stated in the above paragraphs, some of the repellers will not travel through walls, and for this reason, you may need a couple of them in order to cover your entire house.

However, you may be interested in the corded repellers because they have a tendency to have a longer range. Yes, they cost more, but this may be worth the extra money. The cost of these units will range from twenty-five to one hundred dollars each. For a good system, you should expect to pay around sixty dollars. Based on our research, we found that the corded units have a tendency to work better. One corded unit will cover up to 5,000 square feet, so that should work well in a basement or attic.

Pros and Cons of Using Ultrasonic Pest Repellents



Inexpensive – Have you looked at the price tag? They are relatively inexpensive as many of them cost under one hundred dollars. As an added bonus, they don’t consume a whole lot of electricity.

Safe – Overall, these devices are safe to use. When you use them, you won’t have to use any form of toxic chemical and poison, which can be harmful to pets and humans.

Different Types of Pests – These devices work for different types of pests, transforming them into a “one-size-fits-all” pest control method. This is better than the other methods that can only eliminate one pest at a time.



Debated – The effectiveness of these products have been debated ever since they emerged on the market. There are some studies out there that suggest they don’t work, while others suggest they work. However, reading the reviews that come from actual users, a large portion of them claim the device really does work.

Reduce the Pests – Sometimes, they won’t eliminate the pests completely. Instead, they simply reduce the pests to a certain extent. Others suggest that the pests could get used to the sound, which means they won’t be bothered by it.

Short Range – As we previously discussed, some of the devices are short range. This means they can only work in one room and they won’t cover the entire house. Therefore, if you have multiple areas where mice are present, you will need to invest in a couple of these devices.

What Should You Do as a Consumer?

If you would like to purchase an ultrasonic pest repeller, then you are heading down the right path. However, you should never purchase one without first reading reviews from people that have actually used the product. By reading reviews, you will be able to see if the device is effective or not.

You should get these type of products from a company that has a large amount of positive reviews coming from verified buyers. This way, you can rest with the satisfaction of knowing these reviews are genuine.

We also recommend you looking for proof that the manufacturer has conducted experiments. If the product was tests and the results were positive, the company will be more than willing to give out this information.

As far as the cost goes, yes, this can be another factor you need to take into consideration. The only way for you to know whether a product will work or not would be to try it out for yourself. Not every mousetrap will work the same for every person, so the same can be said about an electronic mouse repellent – it may not work the same as it does in your neighbor’s home as there are numerous factors that can influence the effectiveness. For example, the layout of the home or the noises in the environment can influence the effectiveness of the device.

You should come up with a price – how much are you willing to spend on one of these devices? A device that is five dollars may not be trustworthy, but some aren’t willing to spend fifty dollars or more. Whatever you do, just make sure you have a budget laid out.

The Final Verdict

These devices are fairly cheap and should fit in with most budgets. For the price paid, using these repellers are a great alternative option to the other types of pest control methods available. They are one of the cleanest methods, because they repel the mice, instead of trapping it. For this reason, you don’t have to deal with emptying the traps, messy bait, and poison.

We also feel that we need to mention the fact that they are low maintenance. Most of the units can last an entire year. All you have to do is make sure the device stays plugged in. There may still be some debate in regards to the overall effectiveness of the device, but the investment is low risk, making this a nice alternative.

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